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Cleaner Wiring.

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Attention to detail is what makes a clean setup.  It’s not hard, it just takes time.  I decided to dump the Tekin nightmare I had with the receiver pack and upgrade to the LRP SXX which is good for blinky 12th scale racing.  This setup allows me to also move my transponder towards the center and allow a better side to side weight bias for my setup.

First, look at this thing.  At first I was a little put back from this rainbow connection of a contraption; what is up with needing multicolor wires with brushless motors?  Really?  This ESC is also meant for much bigger applications apparently, so first thing to do was to get rid of that nasty giant wire.

That has got to go!

Next step, crack this thing open and remove that ridiculous switch. A switch?  Really?  This is a race car, it doesn’t need a switch, plus a switch gets in the way. This is cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about a switch failing or getting flipped during a race.

The one negative of this ESC is the giant capacitor. One of the hardest things to mount cleanly is a cap, with this setup the wiring will be hidden by the battery and the cap will mount flush on the chassis and be protected from damage and the weight of it will be kept low which will improve handling.

Finished installation, wires tucked under the shock brace, bullets, all black wire. Very clean and easy installation, it just takes a little time. Total time required to finish: the running time of Anchorman, and approx. 1.5 beers.


P1 Brand Says, hey driva….”SHUT UP AND RACE”

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Like most of you, I’m sick of the bitches who are constantly whining and
trying to piss in everyone else’s Cherrios.  Hey…shut up and race!


Speedmerchant Rev 7 build

Friday, September 30th, 2011

This weekend I finally started assembling my Speedmerchant Rev 7, I’ll start posting pictures as this build progresses.  This car uses an inline (off set) battery configuration, keeping the weight down the centerline increases corner speed and makes the car more effecient.

When debuted at our club inline cars immediately put a lap (and more) on the traditional layout cars running.

The first thing I do with any carbon chassis is to sand and seal the edge of the carbon fiber.  This gives the edge a finished look, adding to the overall clean look of the car.  It also protects the edge from chipping, and to a point helps the car scrub less speed when it makes lateral contact with the carpet.


Additional: 11/2011

Car is finished and racing well.  I ran this car at the Timezone Grand Prix in November of 2011, in 17.5 stock it pretty much dominated the field.  Set an early TQ pace and crushed in the first two A-Mains.  It had ridiculous corner speed.

A race report and setup for this car can be found here:

ReVtech Motors!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

The design goals of Team Epic when developing and testing their new line of Revtech motors was to make a companion line to the D3 rather than a replacement. No motor design can be optimal for every track, battery and vehicle combination – but Team Epic says that their D3 line has achieved the goal of the most powerful brushless motor while delivering the brute low-end power at operating temperatures below the dreaded “melt down” zone.


The Revtech line features a wider power band for running 1-cell oval, 2wd short course and off-road trucks and buggies. Revtech motors feature a wide high rpm-based power band, new stator lamination design and material, more mechanical timing adjustment, new bigger and easier to use solder tabs, and new heavy-duty high temperature wire. The Revtech motors are available in winds from 4.5-9.5 modified and 10.5-21.5 ROAR Spec.