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The R/C Trim Hookup.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

This was my pit and scheme for the the 2011 ROAR Carpet Nationals.  I had to represent hard, and come in style.  What really set this scheme off is the fat R/C  Trim Vinyl on my pit board.  Pete was able to print a piece of vinyl that was exactly the same size as my HUDY 1/8 pit board, down to the millimeter.

The best part of this vinyl is it cleans up way easier than original surface, so with a quick wipe of motor spray the work area is clean and bright again.

Also tools slide along it really well, ride height adjusters, camber gauges, all have a much more positive feel on the surface of the board.

What you cannot see in the photo is the hash marks on the board making width changes to the car very easy.

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