Tuning tips for Hangar 30, Seattle.

Seattle’s Hangar 30 which is part of the Seattle RC Racers club is a beast of epic proportions.  This temporary track is made up of many giant rolls of fresh ozite, and is considered to be a bumpy medium grip track.  Even though some bumps persist, it has made a good solid foundation for a thriving 1/12 class to develop.

CRC tuning tips from Travis Schreven;

“And for those with CRC 1/12 cars at the Hangar 10deg Caster, blue side springs, medium crc tube lube, Gold Center Spring. 2deg Camber with 1deg toe-out. Ride height 3-3.5mm

Tires-I find the car works better on bigger tires and is much easier to drive through the bumps as well. CRC Black-Yellow Combo 1.73 Rear/1.68 front Jaco/Parma Black-Yellow Combo 1.725 rear/ 1.625. The Jaco/Blackhawk Combo with a smaller front wheel tends to drive smoother and ive always done my fastest laps on this combo. Even when the tyre split comes closer the car stays smoother with the smaller front wheel.

Width-Max’d out as wide as roar rules will allow. Like Pete N Wess wider is better. A 172mm wide car will always drive smoother than and more consistent than a narrow car.”

Travis’s recommended tire sizes;


Front = 1.68″ or 42.7mm
Rear = 1.73″ or 43.9mm

*This gives a 1.2mm front/rear bias.


Front = 1.625″ or 41.25mm
Rear = 1.725″ or 43.8mm

*This gives a 2.55mm front/rear bias.

A good starting point for tires is often recommended 44mm front / 46mm rear for the Hangar 30 track.

Todd Masons’ views on his 12R5.2….

“I’ve made some recent changes to my 12R5 lately that have been working well. I thought I would share them, as someone else might find it helpful. This applies to both of my cars, an original 12R5 and my newer 12R5.2.

I’ve softened the car up all around. I’m running .018 springs up front with approximately 1mm of droop measured at the nose. 30K kingpin damping fluid.

I’m running very soft side springs. Greens on my 12R5, and SpeedMerchant .018 linears on my 12R5.2. The point being: soft. Together with the soft front springs, the overall steering is balanced, and the cars are still very responsive and not at all lazy. But they ride nice. And I find this is not a H30-only thing. It was actually Hebert who turned me on to it at the TZGP. He was running black side springs, which I normally associate with low-grip asphalt, not high-grip carpet.

Still using blue center springs on both cars.

This next is my own thing, but it has been nothing short of revelatory, at least on my two cars. I’ve added three .015 shims behind the wheels on the front. This adjustment has been huge for me. Some old 1/12th scaler will probably laugh and say it’s so basic they never thought to mention it. I’m studying it and working up a theory to explain what’s going on, but it’s obvious that it affects the arc of the wheels as they swing through their steering range. The effect on the track has been more precise steering and greater stability. Also, I think I’m scrubbing less and carrying more corner speed. Pretty good!”

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