Tuning for track width.

Tuning the width of your 1/12 is a valuable tuning aid.  It’s important to take these measurements into consideration as they are a great benefit to the handling of the car.

Width is measure from the edge of the outside of the wheel, across to the otherside of the wheel.

How to measure?

Most setup boards are marked with lines and numbers telling you your track width, but a simple ruler or large set of calipers does the trick also. I prefer using a metal straight edge myself.

172mm is maximum track width.  Typically it makes the most sense to widen the car out to this and narrow it as you need to.  A narrower car will generate more grip, and depending on the surface create grip and increase corner speed – too narrow will generate too much grip and cause scrubbing however.  The wider the  car is the least amount of grip it will have, but the smoother it will be to drive and less ‘on edge’ it will feel.

You can adjust the front and rear separately to get a certain feel for the car, if the front is digging in too much sometimes going 1mm wider can help, or in turn, going 1mm narrower in the rear.

Width is also a personal feeling; many top drivers like Peter Robinson and Donny Lia feel wide is best.  To a point I share in this feeling, I’ve always tended to like a car with a slightly narrower front however; for whatever reason it suits me, and I am usually 1-2mm narrower in the front.

How to widen?

Behind the front wheel install 1/8 x .010-030″ shims (available at most hobby shops that cater to racing cars.)

For the rear there are shims for the axle that are also available, most of the manufacturers carry them for their car and because of the universal size of the 1/12 axle any will do. You will install these behind your hub, equally on both sides.

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