Seattle RC Racers – CC Setup Stock 1/12.

This is my setup for the community center track, while not track record it has produced the fastest laps in the field.

Chassis: Speedmerchant Rev7

[Front End]
Tire Diameter: 40mm, black compound.
Front end width: 168mm
Front toe: .5 degree toe-in.
Front Camber: 1 degree.
Front Caster: 2 degree.
Front Spring: .022″ (hard)
Front Dampner: Thick (spooge on king pin.)
Ackerman: full foward
Front end: Old Skool.

[Read End]
Tire Diameter: 41mm, yellow compound.
Rear width: 172mm.
Side spring: .020″ Side¬†dampener: light spooge.
Side spring preload: Just touching chassis + 1 full turn in.

Shock: Hotbodies 1/12. AE Blue spring. 538cst oil, 2 hole piston.
Location: full forward pod plate, middle hole of center brace.

Chassis note: left/right weight is within 1 gram of balance.  Battery forward (plugs to the rear.)
Ride height: 3.5mm front/rear.

Roll out: 93.21mm (76 spur, 55 pinion.) (that’s 3.67″ to you eh-mericans.)
Motor: D3.5, high rpm rotor, +20 degrees of timing.

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